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Percy's Pies! From a secret recipe handed down through the ages!

Percy has kept a family tradition alive and added creativity with additional varieties. The gourmet sweet potato pie was established as a custom dessert for Betty Lou’s Catering, a barbeque company featured at various festivals and fairs around the Monterey area for many years. While people loved the food, the pies were always an instant hit.

In 2010, Percy’s Pies was established to focus on solidifying the gourmet pie as a premier product. During the year, the decision was made to focus on Percy’s Pies exclusively to further the product and work towards placing the pie in a retail establishment. During this time, a sweet potato ice cream was using the same recipe as the pie and another big hit was created.

During the last three years, the pies have become a staple at Van Ruin Winery. Various wines from their collection have been added to enhance the flavor of the pies. The pies have been presented at numerous festivals and fairs throughout California, always to rave reviews.

In 2016, Percy’s Pies experienced many first time goals. The largest one day total, the largest event total, the largest Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2017, Percy’s Pies continues success with the pies now available in four stores and an increasing number of festivals including Blues, Taste of Carmel, Carmel Valley Chili Cookoff and numerous events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
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Percival G. Lammie, CEO

A native New Yorker, Percy is a disable veteran who specializes in orthotics by trade. Always an inventor, the recipe for the current gourmet pie was created over many years by adding and removing ingredients. His vision for creating good food for the masses was the catalyst for establishing Betty Lou’s Southern Cuisine and Catering. While this was a profitable adventure, soon people were coming to the events just to purchase pies. This created a need to branch the pies out separately and Percy’s Pies was created.

Orders started pouring in, it was decided to cease the catering and focus solely on the pies. Since then, Percy has created a name for himself and his pies across California.